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1/18/2019 – Market News

  The government shutdown, now the longest in U.S. history, hasn't yet slowed down the economy. It is expected to, however, the longer it continues. Economic data has been affected though, with delays on many reports due to closed agencies. This is causing...

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1/11/2019 – Market News

  The government shutdown, in its third week, hasn't yet shown signs of affecting the economy. However, it has impacted some mortgage programs like USDA. After a dismal December, stocks are rebounding, helped in part by progress in U.S./China trade talks. These...

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Review these factors before your home purchase

Do you dream of having your own home? If yes, then you aren’t the only one. Almost everyone from all over the world dreams of having a permanent roof over their heads. They want to stay happywith their family without thinking of the next due date. A house...

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1/4/2019 – Market News

    December's private payroll saw its biggest monthly increase in nearly 2 years, suggesting sustained strength in the labor market despite ongoing financial market volatility. Weak performance and volatility in stocks have driven investors to the safety of...

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12/28/2018 – Market News

    Early holiday shopping numbers are on track to break season records. However, stocks are still volatile and trending downward, despite the strong consumer spending. The reversal in stocks this year has helped mortgage rates improve from October levels....

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12/21/2018 – Market News

  The Fed raised policy rates this week, but lowered the number of expected rate increases for 2019. Mortgage rates were basically unaffected by this rate hike. Stocks have been routed and fears over a slowing economy have taken over. As investors seek safety in...

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How might a government shutdown affect you?

With talk of a partial government shutdown, I wanted to tell you a little bit about what you might expect if you have an upcoming closing or plan to start the process. Chances are good that a partial shutdown will not impact most borrowers. There are a couple of cases...

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